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Material Contents

  • Our In-stock Program and matching finish boards are of E1 European Formaldehyde Emission Standard.  The EU Formaldehyde Emission Standard is a stringent rating system created by the European Union used to rate furniture products based on emission of formaldehyde and toxic chemical and gases.  E1 rated boards generate less than 1.5 mg/L.  The other boards used by CWC are of a grade that generates emission less than 0.3 ppm, in accordance with the formaldehyde emission requirement for particleboard as required by U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the CPA Voluntary Formaldehyde Emission Monitoring Program.

  • We are actively pursuing sourcing of environmentally friendly boards.

  • All raw material used are locally sourced.

            Production Process

            • Separate dust collectors are installed at each machine allowing for station-controlled operation of the dust collection system on an as needed basis.

            • Our offshore manufacturing facility recaptures sawdust for recycling.

            • The offshore factory is re-designed on the exterior to maximize on natural lighting and ventilation system is improved to eliminate use of air conditioning.

            • Energy efficient light bulbs are installed in factory.

            • Machineries are maintained regularly to reduce breakdowns and pre-matured obsolescence.


                • Our paper packaging materials are recyclable.

                • Stocking Program foam packaging constitutes only 1% of the total packaging material and our goal is to eliminate foam packaging in 5 years.

                • Packaging materials from suppliers are recycled.

                • Local and in-town pickup orders are assembled to reduce use of packaging material.

                • Local dealers are encouraged to bring back boxes and packaging materials from previous installations   for re-use on their next pickup trip.

                • No Styrofoam or foam peanuts are used in the packaging of our locally manufactured products.

                  Recycling Waste

                  • Software optimization tools are used to maximize board usage with minimal waste.

                  • Customized boards  are specially ordered to enable optimization of board usage with minimal waste.

                  • Leftover off-cuts are stored for future use.

                  • Wood scraps are recycled as packaging fillers.

                  • Leftover edge scraps are used for sample chains.

                  • At our offshore manufacturing facility, 100% of the leftover board material is recycled.  The wood scraps and sawdust are salvaged to a recycling depot.

                    Product Performance

                    • Products are designed and made with emphasis on quality and durability.  All Stocking Program products and custom products are all pre-installed with our EQC (European Quick Connectors) for quick assembly and allow for repeat assembly without compromising structural integrity.  The special attention paid to product durability is aimed not only for customer satisfaction but also to minimize the effect on the environment.

                    Supplier Support and Sustainability

                    • CWC maintains a controlling interest in the offshore manufacturing unit, and ensures that the offshore supplier maintains safety standards and environmental policies that exceed the local jurisdictional requirements.

                    • Supplier adheres to all labour laws including signing employment contracts and providing social security insurance for each of its employees.  CWC believes in fair labor laws practices and does not tolerate exploitation of workers.

                    • Supplier’s employees are provided with residences within walking distances to the factory eliminating any need for transportation to and from work.

                    • Supplier’s employees are provided with 3 meals by on-site cafeteria which sources its produce and ingredients from nearby farms.

                      Warehousing and Distribution

                      • Warehouse is divided into separate zones for both heating and lighting to conserve energy.  Programmable thermostats are used to turn on furnace only during operations.  Lights are turned off in zones not required.

                      • Skids used to ship products are from recycled material or are recycled skids discarded by other factories.

                      • Shipments to customers are consolidated as much as possible to reduce emission on transportation.

                        Office and General Environment

                        • Office paper are re-used on both sides and recycled.  Magazines and catalogues are recycled.

                        • Our office strives to achieve a “paperless” environment by storing information on electronic media instead of printing paper copies.

                        • Computers and monitors are turned off at the end of the day.

                        • Programmable thermostats are used to regulate temperature in the office.

                        • Fridges and appliances are Energy Star appliances.

                        • Exterior lighting are light-sensor controlled and will only be activated at night.

                        • Lunch room is equipped with reverse-osmosis water filtering system for drinking water, eliminating need for bottled water.

                        • The need for business travel and flights is reduced by using online communication tools such as Skype and webcams to communicate with suppliers.

                          Greening of Our Outdoor Space

                          • In addition to the green shrubberies, additional fruit trees such as blueberries, Italian prunes, French plums, various varieties of cherries and pear trees have been planted in the flower beds of our factory.  Our employees will enjoy the locally-produced fresh fruits in the years to come!

                          Extra room on our flower beds have been converted to vegetable patches for tomatoes, chards and squash.

                          Automatic irrigation sprinkler system has been converted to drip system or turned off to prevent unnecessary water usage.

                          At CWC Modular Industries Corp., we are committed to operating our business in an environmentally responsible manner.  We will continue to strive to conduct our business in a manner that leaves no negative environmental impact on our planet.